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The Game Of ‘Bingo’ And Its Rules

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world and if you have not played it then you belong to a minority. Many of us might have played it in our school days by calling it lotto or housie. Bingo is the most commonly used name in the professional world where you have an opportunity to win cash prices ranging from several thousands to million.

It is difficult to give the exact rules as this game is played in varied forms, each geographical location having its own set of rules. However, the basic rules are the same and it can be called as the game of numbers. If you are playing the game in a professional club the first thing you need to do is buy a Bingo ticket or the book of Bingo ticket which may contain games anywhere between two to nine.

According to UK rules each ticket has three rows and nine columns, filled with random numbers ranging from one to ninety, each row having five numbers each. The first column has numbers only between 1 – 9, second column between 10-20 and so on. There will be an incharge of a hall who will take out numbers randomly from a pot and announce the same.

As soon as the number is called the player should look out for the number in his ticket and either cross or encircle the number with a pen. The prizes are generally given to a person who is first to mark off the first, second and third line. The mega prize being the completion of whole ticket. When the person marks his last number, he shouts ‘Bingo’ to inform the authority. After verifying the ticket award is given to the person.

Some people think that it is the game of luck, some have their own superstitions and some still trying to find a trick to win the game. But some of the tips that can increase your chances of winning the game are – going through the rules carefully, arrving early, to be mentally prepared, having a sit closer to the caller and to stay alert.

Another important point is to follow the etiquette of the hall. One should maintain discipline, do not read out the numbers announced by the caller loudly as it might disturb others, to consume alcohol in limited amount and smoke in the designated area.